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The procedures for homeschooling in Maryland are simple and straight forward. Parents do need to guard against "creeping regulation" which often comes with the literature sent by your local school system that outlines their procedure for monitoring homeschoolers in their district or during your yearly review. An example would be a form that instructs you to outline your educational plan, hours of instruction and so on. You may be asked to provide specific proof that your children are taking piano lessons, or To protect your rights, you must be familiar with our bylaw which we have provided in its entirety in the Legal & Legislative section on this website.


How To Start Homeschooling

1-- Contact your local board of education and request the notification form for home instruction. You should receive a packet of information including a copy of the current regulations. Be aware that local schools systems are starting to "request" documentation of your program beyond what is required by the regulations. Read the regulations carefully. Please do not set precedents by complying with requests that exceed the regulations. To do so not only may compromise your future standing but that of all homeschoolers.

2-- Complete and sign the Assurance of Consent form and date it. You are expected to complete this form 15 days prior to starting your own program. Do not sign any additional agreements or documents. The Assurance of Consent form is the only form that you are required to sign.

3-- The Maryland regulation includes several options for homeschooling:

Option A, Maintain a Portfolio: Under this option you would agree to maintain a portfolio of your child's work and meet with school officials several times a year for a review. I recommend that you do not conduct these reviews in your home. You are not required to use a formal curriculum or correspondence course. You can create your own program. Just keep good records.

Option B, Approved Correspondence School: Home Study International in Takoma Park, MD 301-680-6570, and Calvert School, Baltimore MD, 410-243-6030, are the only approved correspondence schools. You must use their teacher advisory in order not to be subject to public school reviews. The cost per child is about $700.

Option C, Recognized Religious Satellite Schools: There are many recognized satellite schools in Maryland. All but one or two are Christian based*. Costs (and services) vary from $250 to over $1000 per family. Enrolling in one of these programs will exempt you from public school reviews.

The Learning Community International School is a nonsectarian satellite program featuring extensive support for families looking for an independent learning program from K - 12 and beyond. For information call 410-730-0073 or visit at

4-- Withdrawing a child from school is not difficult. Follow the procedure outlined in number one above. Be aware there is an adjustment period for children who have gone to school: the more school, the longer the adjustment time required.


Suggested Reading:

Teach Your Own; John Holt

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For The Children's Sake; Susan Sheaffer Macaulay

Homeschooling For Excellence; David and Micki Colfax

Better Late Than Early; Raymond Moore

Homeschool Burnout; Raymond Moore



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